Seeing a Notary

These notes are for general guidance only. Each transaction is different. You should raise any specific questions with Nigel Lubbock, Notary Public, on 01603 598 000 or by email at


You will need to make an appointment to see Nigel. You are required to bring either your passport or photo driving licence together with a current utility bill or bank statement (no more than three months old) as evidence of your identity.

It often helps if you can either email, fax or post a copy of the document to be notarised to us in advance of your appointment.

We will need to be satisfied that you understand the contents of the document, particularly if it is not in English. We will also want to see any relevant papers or documents that relate to your matter.

If the document is straightforward, already prepared and in the correct form our notary is likely to need to see you for a minimum of 15–20 minutes and complete it within that time. Obviously it takes longer if the document is not straightforward, or we have to draw up additional documentation or make a proper copy.

Many countries want documents to be countersealed by either the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) or their London Embassies (legalisation) and this will take several days unless you want to take them to the relevant Embassy in person and wait in line (Note - the FCO no longer has a facility to deal with members of the public in person). We can, however, make arrangements for this to be done for you.

Please see the FAQs for further information.